• 01. The marketplace: bringing back the public space inside the market

  • 02. Site plan, Via Flaminia

  • 03. Site plan

  • 04. Axonometric view

  • 05. Bird's eye view

  • 06. Courtyard facades

  • 07. Floor plan

  • 08. Street facade

  • 09. Perspective, farmers market

  • 10. Perspective, interior courtyard

  • 11. Perspective, interior

  • 12. Project typologies

  • 13. Study of marketplace typologies

The Marketplace

This thesis answers two research questions: How can a typology such as the marketplace, that is part of the historic urban layers of the Italian cities, be redefined and designed in today’s Roman social context? How can public space be re-introduced inside the marketplace in the 21st century? The marketplace was designed by looking back to the historical evolution and adding the social values and technical possibilities of the present times. The public space was brought inside the market by creating valuable relationships between the buildings and giving importance to the spaces in-between them.